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Archives for Eternity

Let us digitize your video tapes, film rolls or dias to retain your audiovisual memories forever. 

Our personal advisor will accompany you through the individual steps. 

How does it work ?
Request quote

1. Request quote & Sign

  • check out our prices

  • by online form

  • by mail

  • by phone

  • on location

invoice by email

4. Invoice by Email

You will get an invoice by mail

as soon as your order is ready


2. Deliver Tapes / Film

  • Drop off the media on location

  • Send the media and the signed quote


5. Payment

  • By SEPA

  • By Payconiq

  • By Paypal

  • By Credit Card

  • Cash


3. Processing

Everything is processed and copied to the selected media


6. Pick Up / Delivery

Your original media and the delivery media can be picked up on location or delivered to your adress

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